Judy Phillips Influencers in Aging Awards

2024 Influencers in Aging Award Winners

Influencers in Aging award winners 2024

Influencer of the Year

Nancy Mehring

About 55 years ago while president of the West Bend junior women’s club, the women decided that our community needed something for their seniors. Thus began Nancy Mehring’s love and volunteering and the notion of helping our elderly population. They got the ball rolling, and the Senior Citizens Center was born. Amongst numerous city-wide organizations, Nancy also continues to be involved in activities to help seniors in various ways. These include Harvest House, Eucharist ministry at several health care facilities and Interfaith Kindness Crew. Service to others has been an important part of Nancy’s life.

Nancy Mehring - Influencer of the Year

Influencers in Aging Award Winners

Jennifer Fechter

Jennifer Fechter is the Benefit Specialist at the Aging and Disability Resource Center. She provides advice to seniors during the year on benefit related needs. In the fall, Jennifer is available to all who need a Medicare prescription drug review. She utilizes the government online system for this review, making sure seniors understand what can be totally incomprehensible. In addition, in conjunction with UW Extension, Jennifer provides a 7-session course called Planning Ahead focusing on end-of-life planning.

Jennifer Fechter, 2024 Influencers in Aging Award Winner

Kewaskum High School Kettle Moraine Gardens Volunteer Group

The Kewaskum High School Kettle Moraine Gardens Volunteer Group has spent countless hours fostering multigenerational connections at the assisted living facility, Kettle Moraine Gardens. Their interactions have helped combat loneliness and social isolation. What an impact they are making on the aging population. In addition to talking with residents, playing cards and going for walks, the volunteers planned a prom event for the residents. This event included decorating, serving food and making corsages for the Shake, Rattle and Roll themed event. Staff, residents and families all agreed that the students have certainly enhanced the lives of older adults.

Kewaskum High School Kettle Moraine Gardens Volunteer Group, 2024 Influencers in Aging Award Winners

Tamarack Adult Day Services/ Tamara Warnecke

The team at Tamarack provides a welcoming and safe environment for seniors to spend their daytime hours. Tamarack provides stimulating activities, delicious food and snacks and fabulous spa services. The team develops a bond with each guest and share parts of their lives with them. Tamarack involves families in everything they do. Caregivers can confidently get a well-deserved break and know their loved one is being cared for. Tamara and her staff genuinely care about each guest and have changed the lives of many individuals and families.

Tamara Warnecke, 2024 Influencers in Aging Award Winner

Mary Williams

Mary Williams is a dedicated registered nurse and Staff Development Coordinator for Cedar Community. Mary embodies the essence of compassionate care with a strong commitment to enhancing the lives of our residents along with enhancing the skills of our staff. In collaboration with colleagues, she restarted a mentor program and brought back the Nursing Assistant Training program. Mary is not only a skilled educator but also a compassionate advocate for our resident’s. She goes above and beyond to ensure she enhances the quality of life of those she serves.

Mary Williams, 2024 Influencers in Aging Award Winner

Congratulations to All Our Nominees

Erin Brannan
Carleen Brazee
Destiny Brown
Melissa Bublitz
Sue DeLong
Tammy Dickman
Arleen Dornacker
Chris Fay
Jennifer Fechter
Adrien Garcia
Amy Hackman
Harford Senior Center
Bobbi Holiday

Kewaskum HS / Kettle Moraine Gardens – Volunteer Group:
Mr. Pratt
Mrs. Bryant
Mrs. Leoni
Avery Liddicoat
Parker Gruen
Isabelle Winklebauer
Hannah Galasinski
Renna Shavlik
Addy Staver
Elizabeth Calliari
Emma Klahn
Emma Survis

Nancy Mehring
Mary Beth Mills
Jacob Moeller
Harold Siercks
Gil Sherdian
Tamarack Adult Day Service/ Tamara Warnecke
Sharon Tesker
Tina Thull
Wendy Vorpahl
Mary Williams

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