Upcoming Events


Interfaith’s Oktoberfest
October 16, 2022

8-9 at the West Bend office the first Friday of every month.
8:30-9:30 in Hartford the second Wednesday of every month.

Kindness Crews
3rd Thursday of every month from 10am-12am.

Presentations on Senior Frauds and Scams
Interested in more information on senior fraud and scams? Contact Clare at 262-365-0902 or clare@ifc4seniors.org if you’re interested in scheduling a presentation.

From fun coffee hour gatherings for volunteers to special events that help support our program, here’s what’s going on in the Interfaith community:

21 Apr

Owen’s Story

Interfaith provides a critical service for Washington County seniors. Listen as Owen shares one veteran's story. Posted by Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County on Friday, December 30,...
21 Apr


Interfaith is all about making connections between seniors and our caring community. There is no better visual of this than Interfaith's “HeARTwork,” found on a large office wall. This...